Annual Meeting Reflection - January 31st, 2016

posted Feb 17, 2016, 2:32 PM by Cara Erickson

Sheriff Mahoney set the stage well by reflecting on who is our neighbor. Even those who are incarcerated still retain the title of neighbor. This helped to give the meeting a great purpose and aim. We shared the goals that serve to refocus MALC on the task at hand:

1) Strengthen financial support with current partners and beyond, with new partners.

2) Strengthen communication about the ministry to current partner churches and get the word out in new and engaging ways.

3) Strengthen board and chaplains for focused ministry and purpose.

Julia and Christa shared wonderful stories of healing and hope in the jail, and we celebrated John Mix’s ministry with a plaque. These all reflect the purpose and aim of MALC as we serve on behalf of partner churches in the Dane County Jail system.

MALC has improved their website as part of the communication plan as well as developed an informative communication packet available for anyone.

We solicited some feedback and ideas as we move forward on our 3 goals. The results and information gathered should be out soon in our next quarterly newsletter.

As the meeting came to an end, we elected new members to the board and elected a few board positions.

Within MALC there is a sense of excitement and curiosity to see what will happen next. We are thankful for the wonderful congregations and individuals who support MALC and we humbly ask for continued pray as we serve this segment of ‘neighbors’ with God’s love and in the name of Jesus.

- Board President, Pastor Jim McCoid