Executive Committee Approves Name Change

posted Aug 24, 2016, 11:00 PM by Cara Erickson   [ updated Aug 24, 2016, 11:00 PM ]
The Executive committee of the Madison Area Lutheran Council is pleased to announce that, after discussion and a formal vote, a quorum of members unanimously approved changing the name from the Madison Area Lutheran Council to the Madison Area Jail Ministry, effective immediately. Many thanks to those who participated in the discussion and vote.

Forty-nine years ago the Jail Ministry was formed by a group of local Lutheran pastors who volunteered their time in the Dane County Jail, as well as managed a variety of other community programs - hence our original name of Madison Area Lutheran Council. Our Lutheran roots will always be key to the ministry. Below you will find an explanation for the change. 
Clearly communicate and reflect the work we do: 
A primary reason for changing the name concerns the nature of the work we do. We are a Christ-centered ministry providing spiritual care to all men and women incarcerated in the jail. Our work is ecumenical, and we'd like our name to reflect this. We honor our Lutheran roots, while recognizing that the founders of the Madison Area Lutheran Council intended the organization to grow and prosper.
Help ensure fiscal viability: 
Lutheran congregations continue to be the primary supporters of this ministry, and we are grateful. However for several years we have struggled to maintain funding levels. By reaching out to congregations that are in full pulpit fellowship with the ELCA (as outlined in the MALC constitution), we hope to broaden our revenue stream. Financial stability will ensure that we will continue to provide spiritual care to people who are often forgotten.
Give us name recognition: 
Our mission is almost exclusively focused on providing spiritual care within the Dane County Jail. Our current name says nothing about the work we do and we know we'd have increased exposure and support with a name that describes our work. by adding "Jail Ministry" we are identifying ourselves as a ministry specific to the men and women who are housed in the Dane County Jail.  
Communicate Inclusivity: 
By removing "Lutheran" from our name, we are declaring ourselves to be a broader, more inclusive community. 

If you have any questions about the name change, please email us.