Currently, two Chaplains are employed by Madison Area Jail Ministry - Chaplain Christa Fisher and Chaplain Katharine Goray

The Chaplains respond to individual requests by inmates, such as:
  • Contacting Family Members
  • Providing Bibles & Bible Study Materials
  • Accompany to Court Hearings
  • Providing Eyeglasses
  • Providing Birthday Cards for Family Members
  • Spending One on One time for Reflection and Spiritual Supports
The Chaplains also provide worship and small group opportunities for those people incarcerated in the Jail.  A Chapel in the Jail, which was remodeled as a gift honoring long time Chaplain Del Goetz, is used to provide worship space and room for other gathering opportunities. Both of the Chaplains utilize their unique artistic gifts as they minister to the people in the Jail.

In addition to serving the people incarcerated in the Dane County Jail, the Chaplains are also available to the administrative staff and Dane County Sheriff Deputies.