What Do Liaisons Do?

Liaisons keep the Chaplains and the men, women, and children who work and reside at the Dane County Jail in their prayers, ask congregations to add them to prayer lists, and ask pastors to include them in the litany of prayers included in Sunday morning worship.

Attend the Annual Liaison Meeting
This meeting, held each fall, provides liaisons with valuable training, important updates, opportunities for brain-storming and time for conversation with other liaisons, the chaplains and the Executive Committee.

Attend the Madison Area Jail Ministry Annual Meeting
This meeting, held each winter, provides all Madison Area Jail Ministry representatives with an opportunity to hear directly from the Chaplains, the Sheriff’s Office and from men and women formerly incarcerated in the Dane County Jail. Additionally, the Madison Area Jail Ministry Annual Meeting is a time for discussing successes and obstacles from the prior fiscal year and reviewing the budget for the year ahead.

Organize four congregational contacts per year
There are a variety of ways to connect with congregations (the Liaison Meeting is a good venue for developing new ideas!). Suggestions include temple talks; articles in the congregational newsletter or bulletin; hosting a special book club discussion, adult education forum, or fundraiser; or inviting a chaplain or Madison Area Jail Ministry Board member to visit your congregation.   

Promote Jail Ministry events
Each year the Jail Ministry hosts a variety of special fundraising events. Jazz for the Jail is currently the biggest, but there are many other smaller events which take place throughout the year. As liaisons are notified of events, they promote them within their congregations. Common ways of promoting events include:  hanging signs in the fellowship area, publicizing in the congregational newsletter and bulletin, and inviting people to attend the event through a temple talk.

Please check out our Templates & Materials Page for more tools.

Congregational Fundraising Ideas
Jail Ministry Market
Congregants create items to sell, such as crafts, jewelry, and baked goods

Silent Auction
Gather donated goods and services sought from local business, friends, and family

Church Quilt Auction
Quilters in your congregation display their work and sell their quilts

Seasonal Offerings e.g. Advent, Lent
Garage Sale / Rummage Sale
Pledge Challenge

Set a goal and encourage contributions
Church Meals
Plan a Fall harvest, spaghetti supper, pot luck lunch, Easter brunch or pancake breakfast

Flower Sale
Gardeners donate perennial cuttings

Benefit Concert
Schedule Chance Allies or your own church or community group to perform

Here are some of the quilts that were featured at the 2013 Quilt Auction.

Jail Tapestry Project

The Women's Spirituality Group meets three times a year. Each group writes a prayer, does an imaging meditation and then designs a weaving. 

These weavings are currently available for a donation.

Weavings may also be commissioned. This is an example of a commissioned stole.