Who We Are

MALC was formed in 1970 in response to a request 
by Madison Mayor Otto Festge, who believed that Dane County Lutheran Churches could work together to provide common ministry, including serving people incarcerated in the Dane County Jail as well as people worldwide through support of international aid agencies. We currently share the ministry with the United Church of Christ and work with people of many other faith journeys such as the Roman Catholic Church, the Methodist Church, Islam and Buddhist traditions.

Madison Area Lutheran Council’s Jail Ministry serves people in Dane County who are incarcerated, their families and communities. Our logo illustrates our 
mission. The blossoming flower represents hope, perseverance and love for new life. As the shackles of 
past lives and poor choices are broken, wisdom, forgiveness, faith and love grow. The mosaic hands speak to diversity. People from every walk of life are impacted by incarceration. This rich diversity of life experience informs the spiritual journeys of every person who is seeking a closer relationship with God. The handcuffs represent both the literal shackles of physical confinement and the figurative prisons of self-doubt, shame and self-loathing. The hands and the flower breaking free of the circle represent the limitless possibilities when we bring faith, hope and love into the challenging process of re-entry.